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These are some of my favorite pictures from this year. Mostly for photographic reasons. In this coming year, I want to work on refining my style and improving the photography bit of things.

Thank you to everyone for the lovely and kinds words you lot send to me. Happy holidays to you all. 


so chic…so on point…

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  • Question: the doctor said it works, they think i will never arrive alive at eighth month! and my parents want to hide the babies as soon as possible if i give them up to adoption. the problem is that when i got pregnant it was my first time and then I didn't have sex any more, so now they told me to have sex to have an easy childbirth. my girlfriend became angry and my parents agreed, but with one of his friend who's 21. I'll continue in another message - Anonymous
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    What kind of doctors are you going to because that is completely false information.

    Any other mothers with twins have to go into labor during their 7th month of pregnancy?

    Change your doctor immediately, sounds like they are promoting some sort of corrective rape.

  • Question: Sooo, Im a little confused...12 days late for my period. 3 negative pregnancy tests, could I be pregnant? I have a boyfriend and we are very sexually active. And I've had a few symptoms... Fatigue, food cravings, stomach cramps... All of which u can apparently get in the beginning of your pregnancy. I can also usually tell when my period is close and I've had nO signs... - Anonymous
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    My friend hadn’t had a period since October and tested at the beginning of December and got a negative but then on December 31st she got a BFP. No clue why. I would get a blood test done just to make 100% sure.

    A blood test? There is not blood test to determine pregnancy without going to a doctor (anonymous doesn’t say what age she is). Get a clearblue test, this is as good (better actually) than those available at the NHS or at Planned Parenthood. Early pregnancy feels a lot like being due your period so if you have no symptoms of that…. You will know for sure in a few days. It is worth paying the extra for a good test, then, when you know, get yourself to Planned Parenthood or your own doctor asap! Good luck.


Why the fuck is it I only follow feminist and social justice people and I still get porn in my feed? anyone know how turn this off? Some of the images are triggering as fuck. Is there tumblr kid mode or something I can activate?

Other than unfollowing the people what can I do? It makes tumblr pretty useless for me.


The guy who started this trend, RooshV

His real name is Daryush Valizadeh

His address is:

14656 Tynewick Ter

Silver Spring, MD


And his phone number is

(301) 598-8355


no to police: refuse to collaborate!


Protesting against the state of things.

Open Letter

This is an appeal to friends, comrades and ‘organisers’ of protests. In light of the mass arrest of 286 anti-fascist protestors on 7th September (and Fortnum and mason, critical mass, BNP Whitehall etc) we appeal to all organisers of protests…

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An Easy Visual Guide!!! xx

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Stumbled upon and got sucked into the horrors of the “fatkini” tag whilst browsing fashion on Tumblr and have officially lost all hope in Western culture.

Wake me up when being fat stops masquerading as a human rights issue and being an unhealthy glutton doesn’t warrant a pride flag.

I’m all for curves, but 800lb women in bikinis talking about pride is fucking ridiculous and I’m tired of seeing it.

^^^ Somebody is jealous of women who are happy and confident in their bodies methinks.
Work on your own self esteem, then happy fat ladies won’t upset you.

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Omg, vote for pedro vest looks amazing, as do you!

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